Abrasive Acne Cleansers

p>Depending on who you ask, you will be told either that abrasive cleansers are better for acne, or that they will make your acne worse. Who should you believe?

You should believe your own skin. Try abrasive cleansers. Do you they make your skin better or worse? If they make your acne condition worse, then stop using them.

The best abrasive facial cleansers are made with crushed fruits – seeds and all. It is the seeds that add the abrasive texture. The fruit adds vital vitamins and minerals to your skin and the crushed seeds scour away dead skin cells and leave your face glowing and radiant.

If you can mash up the fruits yourself, all the better. Cosmetic companies add all sorts of preservatives and other chemicals to give the products a longer shelf life. The fruits you mash up yourself are more natural, chemical free and thereby, much better for the health of your skin.

When you make your own facial cleansers from fruit, you use fresh fruits, which are much better for your skin than fruit that has been dehydrated or turned into a powder. Many of the vitamins are lost during dehydration. Dehydration also will often take away much of the abrasiveness. Click here to find out the best acne product that suits your needs.

Some fruits are better at fighting acne than others. Avocados and apricots are two of the best for most people, but you will have to experiment with different fruits in order to find out which ones work best for you. Read these proactiv reviews to compare which acne treatment is the best.

When you use abrasive cleansers, make sure you never rub too hard. Rubbing too hard can leave abrasions and other unsightly marks. The trick is to rub just hard enough to get deep into your pores, but not hard enough to break the skin. Until you get used to just how much pressure you should apply, mix the cleanser with water. This will dilute some of the abrasiveness, while still giving you the deep down clean your skin needs.

Crushing the seeds, or pits can be very difficult, so you could try to use the fruits without crushing the seeds. All you have to do in this case is use a small scrubby pad to work the fruit into your acne covered skin. You can buy inexpensive scrubbies just about anywhere, but the best place is at the Dollar Store. Buy a large pack of kitchen scrubbies for a dollar and you set for the year.